EMT Data Corp is a company of opportunities. An equal opportunity of employer, always creates opportunities to put you on fast track learning and performance oriented rewards.

International clients, intelligent projects and abundance learning will make you an actionable professional.

Opportunity to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment collaborates with other fellow talented colleagues.

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We value diversity, innovation and hard work and we offer a range of opportunities for career growth and development.

A Lifetime great learning opportunities, grooming you to be multiservice professional.

Make you a thinker and doer, not just a doer.

Our Training Approach

Domain expert team will upskill employee with the key intent of adding strength to the employee. Aptitude training focusing on behavior, knowledge, skills and attitude to convert an ordinary person as a seasoned professional.

Employee Testimonials

Our Commitment amidst COVID-19

“In spite of many hurdles faced by the organization during the covid-19, new employees are recruited and placed. Our Organization managed successfully and no delay in the employee Recognition.”

Rewards and Recognition

“This year also, Our Organization rewarded employee’s who have successfully completed 5 years with cash award. In addition company also rewarded employees with attendance awards, which motivated to work towards my goal.“

                      – Team Lead


Virtual Operations

“A particular thing which admired me about Our Organization is its ability to manage the team remotely during the pandemic and I also feel that things are going very well with the role assigned to me.”

Safety is our Priority

“People in this company work and communicate effectively.  “The safety measures taken in Our Organization are much effective, which helps to keep my mind and body in a safe and healthy way towards the positive vibes.”

                      – Process Associate


Agile and Flexible

“Though, I got placed in this company for a particular role, after entering I got trained in the other departments. The company focuses on multi skills. We were amazed by the experience we gained from the Organization.”

Appreciating Hard Work

“It is inspiring and motivating that the employees are given awards for their accomplishments, it gives me confidence that hard work is really appreciated in Our Organization.”

                      – Process Executive