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Lease Abstraction

We are a leading provider of lease abstraction services, we leverage on the expertise of our employees, adaption of appropriate tool/technology and demonstrative excellence in execution of our services fueled by decades of experience of our professionals.

Our team of experts works diligently to ensure that our lease abstraction services meet the highest standards of accuracy at 100% for all critical fields.

We use advanced PropTech tools to streamline our processes, where needed to reduce errors, and deliver real-time insights to our clients.

Lease Agreement

Lease Audit

Our team of experts specialized in providing comprehensive lease audit solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our lease audit services are designed to identify errors, overpayments, and discrepancies in lease agreements, ensuring that our clients are not paying more than they should be.

We do comprehensive review of your lease agreements, identification of any discrepancies or errors, and provide assistance with lease abstraction and data management.

Our team will also provide you with detailed reports, highlighting areas where cost savings can be achieved, and recommendations for improving your lease portfolio management.

Lease Indexing

Lease indexing plays a crucial role in effective data management. Our team of experts brings in-depth knowledge and ensure that accurate data extraction, meticulous organization and precise categorization of lease documents.

By creating a comprehensive lease index, companies can simplify their data management processes, enhance accessibility, and make informed decisions regarding their leased assets.

By utilizing advanced document management systems and digitization techniques, we ensure seamless access, secure storage and efficient retrieval of lease information.


Set up & Maintenance

We are designed to help businesses streamline their lease management processes, reduce the time and resources required to manage lease agreements and ensure that all lease agreements are compliance with regulatory standards.

We provide customized lease setup and maintenance solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the services that best fit their business requirements.

We recognize and appreciate the fact that every client is unique and every client’s expectations are different. Hence we see that the processes we adapt are tailored to the needs of the customers.

Lease Translation

Our team of professional translators ensures accurate information without altering the legal and intended meaning of the lease document, protecting the interests of the parties to the lease.

We have highly skilled linguists who are specialized in legal translations with in-depth knowledge of lease terminology and regulations of various demographics.

We provide Customized, Precise, Reliable solution and maintain confidentiality of the lease documents.

We can translate in more than 40 languages covering Asia pacific and European languages.

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