Set up and Maintenance

We are designed to help businesses streamline their lease management processes, reduce the time and resources required to manage lease agreements and ensure that all lease agreements are compliance with regulatory standards.

We provide customized lease setup and maintenance solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the services that best fit their business requirements. We recognize and appreciate the fact that every client is unique and every client’s expectations are different. Hence we see that the processes we adapt are tailored to the needs of the customers.

Our team of experts will ensure that all lease data is accurately captured and entered into the system, providing a reliable source of information for future lease management. We also provide critical date monitoring services, providing timely notifications for key lease events such as lease expirations and renewals, ensuring that clients never miss important deadlines.

We review and analyze lease-related expenses, identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved and providing recommendations for improving lease portfolio management.

What we do?

Our lease set up services cover the entire process and organizing them in a structured manner. All critical information, including lease terms, rental rates, renewal options, and key clauses, are accurately recorded to provide a solid foundation for effective lease management.

  • Document retention & management
  • Extraction of new lease documents
  • Key Date Tracking
  • Expenditure/Cost Evaluation & Assessment
  • Support for Data Transfer

Salient aspects

We proactively monitor and update lease records, reflecting any changes such as amendments, escalations, or expirations. This meticulous approach helps you stay on top of important dates and obligations, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks. Our salient features encompasses as below:

  • Streamlined Lease
  • Management of timely completion
  • Notifications Expense Review & Analysis
  • Long-term Partnership

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